What is the ELI?

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an online assessment tool conceived by Bruce D Schneider (PhD, MCC, Founder iPEC Coaching) after 25 years of research into the area of human potential and consciousness.

The ELI assessment quantifies how an individual perceives and approaches life, and how they react to different circumstances and experiences. It produces a score which indicates a person’s level of consciousness, engagement and leadership ability. Research shows that higher scores in the ELI assessment are associated with increased happiness and success in life.

The assessment produces a result which is a snapshot of the person at that time in their life. This means that the score is not set in stone, nor a predictor of the future – it simply tells you where you are today and helps discover areas of potential improvement.

What is the purpose of the energy leadership index assessment?

Everyone sees the world through their own personal filter – this is based on their experiences, values and assumptions. This filter can impact how we perceive and think about our circumstances. This in turn impacts how we behave.

The ELI Assessment reveals your personal filters and how they are affecting your life. It shows how different energy levels can emerge in your home and work life, and how your own thinking can create stress for you. You may also uncover internal energy blocks which can hold you back from success and happiness.

What does it measure?

The ELI measures your energetic profile – that filter through which you view the world. It shows your energetic reaction to stress which is important because recognising your reaction to stress is the first step to decreasing how much stress you experience.

Your energetic profile and energetic stress reaction are indicators of:

Your leadership ability – your ability to inspire yourself and others to get more done.
Your current level of engagement in life – are you emotionally and intellectually involved, or simply going through the motions?
Your current level of consciousness – your awareness of who you truly are and what life is about.

Why is this important?

Many people are on “autopilot” in life and are not achieving true passion and fulfilment. By becoming more conscious of why you do what you do, you can decrease stress, and increase productivity and pleasure.

What is involved?

The ELI Assessment is done online and takes about 20 minutes.

I will receive an “Energy Leadership Report” generated from your results which I will share with you. We will then spend 1-2 hours examining your personal energetic profile and energetic stress reaction.

As an ELI Master Practitioner Coach I can help you:

1. Uncover your triggers for stress.
2. Learn to respond to situations instead of reacting to them.
3. Remove all the things you identify as causing negative energy in your life.
4. Take yourself to the next level in your personal journey to higher consciousness, and hence true happiness.

What is the cost?

The ELI Assessment and followup 1-2 hour session discussing your results represents a $420 value.

For the first five new clients each month there is a special introductory price of $210 for the assessment and follow up session.

It is included in my “Master Your Journey” program, and can be added to any other program.