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My Top 10 Tips for a Remarkable Relocation


Discover Your Journey

30 minute Strategy Session

Free introductory private coaching session

If you would like to experience the power of coaching for yourself, click here now to schedule a free private session with me.

Begin Your Journey

90 minute Intensive Session $197

Sample Session

  • Your One Journey assessment and debrief
  • Identify your strengths that will help you through challenges
  • Discover what is working and what isn’t
  • Identify your challenges and prioritise them
  • Address your most important challenge – uncover what’s really going on
  • Find a solution and develop a plan moving forward

Embrace Your Journey


$747 for a full day dedicated to you (can be split over multiple sessions if needed)

Includes five hours of coaching

Sample Session

  • Continue addressing your challenges discovered in your Intensive Session, find solutions and develop plans
  • Your Values Assessment, creating a plan to live more inline with your values
  • Create the overall life plan you want to move forward with
  • Identify and address any obstacles in the way of implementing this plan
  • Learn new skills such as communication skills, stress management tools, time management tools and conflict resolution

Master Your Journey

Six month premium program

$2497 for six months of coaching

Includes three 60-minute sessions per month

Sample Sessions

  • ELI assessment – learn how you show up energetically when life is running smoothly compared to times of stress. Utilise this to manage your stress better and bring awareness.
  • Learn decision-making tools
  • Learn relationship skills and find your tribe
  • Recognise and address your relocation grief
  • Discover parenting skills for TCKs
  • Strengthen your marriage
  • Implement your new life plan
  • Use your new knowledge and tools on an ongoing basis
  • Handle unexpected problems and challenges
  • Work with accountability

These programs represent a guideline to give you an idea of what to expect. It is designed so that each stage builds on the one before. However, everyone is different, and every program will be developed mutually between you and me, taking into account your individual needs and wants.


My services include

  • Personal coaching – One on one, private coaching sessions.
  • Group coaching – Expat spouses and TCK teens can experience coaching in a supportive group atmosphere.
  • Family and couples coaching – Family members can be coached together or during separate sessions, working toward a united goal.
  • ELI Assessment (iPEC) and debrief – Experience the life changing Energy Leadership Index Assessment and learn how your attitudes and beliefs control your actions, and how to make more conscious decisions.